Effiective (5/15/2020) Stetson, Resistol & Charlie 1 Horse have re-opened with only a skeleton crew. They have been closed since Mid-March so they have a huge back log of orders to go through. All orders are being processed now but there is a extended time line on hats. 

Hello to everyone, we have important news that will be changing on a almost daily bases. (May 5th) We are open on shorten hours, we are Mon - Sat : 12pm-5pm.

You can use the "contact us" for email or JacksonsWesternStore@gmail.com; also look to our Facebook page for updates 

" The Knife " Hoof Knife by Anvil

" The Knife " Hoof Knife by Anvil
The Knife hoof knife has a drop blade and wooden handle. For trimming the horse's hoof. This hoof knife is easily sharpened, made of carbon steel by Anvil Brand. " The Knife " is available in Left or Right hand.
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