About Us

1938, a time of when a seeing a horse drawn carriage wasn’t an odd thing in downtown Asheville NC. This is the year that Stonewall Jackson opens the doors to Jackson Trading Co. Located street side in a quite brick building near the train tracks, selling dry goods and clothing. With the two sons entering the business, expansion was in the future. Thomas Jackson and Julian Jackson broke down walls and took the Jackson Trading Co to larger heights with feed & seed, an excellent leather repair shop, harness making shop and western clothing that was unheard of in this region of America.

After some years had passed the space became scarce in the brick building that housed Jackson Trading Co. so on a voyage for room and comfort. Thomas happens to come upon a piece of land on the west side of Asheville and with cowboy intuition and southern grit we broke ground in spring of’73. Growing from a small harness shop into a western clothing premier store took a lot of combined effort of the third generation of Jacksons to step in their fathers shoes.

John Jackson (son of Julian) took the harness/leather shop to new national heights with custom hand-made leather goods that some had thought to be non-existent. Charles Jackson (son of Thomas) became a staple of the saddle/tack business and grew into a sought after store in the south east. By summer of ’93 space inside of Jackson Trading Co was getting tight and desperate. The following summer we knocked some walls down and doubled our size to the store that customers enjoy today.

With the future in-sight Jackson Trading Co made a change to Jackson’s Western Store to reflect the upcoming JacksonsWesternStore.com venture.

Jackson’s is one of the oldest family owned businesses left in Asheville NC. With a past as colorful as its future, Jackson’s has become a common name amongst horse enthusiasts around the world.

From all of us at Jackson’s Western Store, we thank you and hope to see you come back soon.

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