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Leather Therapy Conditioner

Leather Therapy Conditioner Leather Therapy Restorer, softens, preserves and maintains old and new leather.
Protect your investment with Award winning Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner. It conditions from the inside-out and tests show a significant increase in leather tensile strength. Protects leather from the enemies that shorten its life -- drying sun, wind, moisture, mold & mildew. Product of the Year. From saddles to boots/shoes or jacket, to luggage, to your favorite chair, Leather Therapy will make your leather behave ... Beautifully! Eradicates Mold, Mildew and associated Odor problems Leather lasts longer with regained suppleness and strength Dries with a soft sheen and enhances original color Restores even older stiff, dried-out leather Non-greasy or sticky Biodegradable - Earth Friendly
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